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Straitjacket Girl

Beautiful young Emily Whiting is awakened by a knock on her apartment door. Emily opens the door to be confronted by police and mental health nurses and orderlies. Emily is to be involuntarily committed to a mental hospital.

Emily is straitjacketed and taken to the hospital. Confined to a secure ward, Emily is subjected to forced treatment and even gets spanked by the head nurse. Emily learns that Doctor Zabo, the handsome young doctor in charge of Emily’s case, is sexually obsessed with her. Emily is kept in restraints at all times and her every waking moment is controlled by her keepers.

Emily resists and even tries to escape. Zabo gives Emily a choice; submit totally to him or be permanently institutionalized and face torturous treatment.

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Scarlet’s First Book!

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Naughty Girls:
A Spanking Anthology

Naughty Girls is a collection of erotic spanking stories focusing on bad girls (and some good girls) getting what they deserve; a heaping helping of corporal punishment. Seven tales about coeds, cheerleaders, businesswomen, wives, and other women going over the knee or bent over a desk or chair for the inevitable spanking with hand, hairbrush, or paddle. Illustrated by the author.

  • The Engagement Proposal
  • The Photo Shoot
  • Appointment with Him
  • Stair Climber
  • Cheer Squad Discipline
  • The Party Game
  • Hospital Discipline

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Miss Penny is working on a new book for 2022

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